My Asia Travel Plan

The following is a result of communicating with Help Exchange and Couchsurfing hosts as a means of finding free or cheap places to stay at and as a more interesting way to introduce myself into the Asian culture. My experiences will be published in an upcoming book, the start of which or introduction to may be found at Travel Goof.





































































YOGYAKARTA or JOGJA is a traveler's paradise in Java, Indonesia

Biggish city, cool dude -



He wrote:

jogjakarta or yogyakrta(ngayogyakarta in javanese) the name taken from

holy book of hiduism, Ramayan,,, Ayodya kingdom of Shree Rama....jogja

build by prince mangkubumi from the mataram,,,,, the story so long.. jogja

id paradise has it is !!! erass ku



This is me Lathifah I come from Indonesia. I saw you plan to come to Indonesia, I suggest you to come to South Sulawesi.



you really interested in with nature and rural areas???

south sulawesi have it. if you interested in, you have to try to come to

my village. There, you can do anything, walk barefoot, go to the rice

field, sleeping outdoors, climbing trees, enjoy the beautiful beaches,

boat, etc.

I Hope can hooking up with you too. :)


South sulawesi is nice place. Here, you can visit many interesting place.

1. Makassar city : The city of Makassar is attractive to tour around. There are touristic places such as the colonial dutch Fort Rotterdam, Losari Beach to enjoy the sunset, Akkarena Beach for sporting and recreation, Trans Studio Theme Park, Mandala Monument, historical Fort of Somba Opu, Cemetery of Tallo Kings, Cemetery of Pangeran Diponegoro (a national freedom hero), Museum of Makassar City, Grand Mosque Masjid Raya, Cathedral Church, and China Town. Beside touristic sites, you can also taste the local culinary of Makassar, such as Coto Makassar, Sop Konro, Pallu Basa, Lumpia Sulawesi, and different sweets and traditional cakes.


2. Toraja Mystical Hills : Tana Toraja is located approximately 500 km from Makassar and inhabited by the Toraja

ethnicity preserving an Austronesian way of living. They are famous for their traditional houses, ancient funeral festivities, wooden carving, catacombs,and menhir stones. Visiting Tana Toraja will be an unforgettable experience.


3. Bira White Sand Beach : Tanjung Bira Beach is famous for its white sand beach and clear water, where you can swim, sunbath, dive, snorkel, and enjoy sunrise and sunset. It is located 200 km to the south of Makassar and can be reached with public transportation.

4. Malino Tropical Forest : Malino is a village on a hill 90 km south to Indonesia. It has beautiful view of tropical pine forest, other tropical plants, waterfall, tea garden, traditional market, and colonial Japanese bunker. It is a favorite weekend getaways for people from Makassar and has hosted different national conferences, between others peace talks between confronting ethnicities in Indonesia.


5.Bantimurung Waterfall : Bantimurung waterfall is located about 15 km from Makassar. The waterfall is not tall but broad, with heavily pouring water. Beside the waterfall, there are also caves nearby with stalactites and stalagmites. Inside the complex there is a butterfly museum harboring many butterfly collections. Bantimurung is well known as an indigenous butterfly habitat and called the “Kingdom of Butterfly” by Albert Russel Wallace.


6. Khayangan Island : Khayangan Island is located 0.8 km from Makassar and can be reached with crossing boats. It is an excursion island where you can swim, snorkel, dive, and jetski. There is also an aquarium that contains a variety of ornamental marine fishes. In the evening you can enjoy the lights of Makassar city.



In south sulawesi, you can visit many place and do your job.Beside visit many interesting place you can do voluntary job if you want. we can help you to joint in the local people activity. may be you can find many program of the voluntary job in this link :


If you interested in you can see it, send me deal information to my Email : “ “. The rute is, From Jakarta, Just Take a Makassar Flight and arrive at Hasanuddin Airport. From there, we can pick you up to bring you to looking for a bus go to Toraja or stay in our home, and if you like, we can accompany you to go to all interesting place. Make your visit worthwhile in Indonesia!!!



Lathifah Ratih



Chick, still gotta check out, ask where exactly she is.




Somewhere in Vietnam, ask him some questions.


Jakarta, cooking class

Magdalena Atmadja (hooked up on FB as well)


Since u mention that you love to cook if you schedule visit Jakarta then

you need to join our CS Jakarta cooking Lover class, check out this link

for detail of activity on the group [


If you want to join just send me a massage then, maybe we can have a

cooking class when you visit here you can teach us Bulgaria dish and we

can teach you Indonesia dish.



Mari from Manila

How are you? This is Mari.

I currently live in the Manila and read your post there about you coming

by on November. Im thinking of possibly hosting people by then. I visited

the link you provided and was pleasantly surprised to find that we have

some common interests, particularly a belief in God and desire to help the

less fortunate. Ive actually been seeking like-minded people and do desire

to travel around the world as well. Ive always felt that desire (burden?)

to reach out and do try in many ways I can within my resources to help

out, on soul a time. I realize there are so much ways to make our world a

better place to live in, and it is done by love. (Not a romantic love or

lust but love as a verb). Your work is very interesting to me as well. I

love reading and researching. I enjoy studying. I used to live and study

in Sydney, Australia where I had some French, German and Italian lessons.

In Elementary school years here, i had Spanish class too from Kinder 3

until Grade 6.


Anyway I wish you more blessings in your endeavors. Take care and God







MariT78's PROFILE:




Free accommodation only, didn't specify hours, but seems good heart.

We are looking to create a volunteer network to assist and help spread the word about our children in the rural area of Cambodia.

We can provide all volunteers with FREE accommodation here at the orphanage.



We are also looking for international NGOs or any partners who can help us to supply volunteers and funding to support us for running costs at our orphanage and our projects in this poor community in Cambodia!


For more details about us:

We are a non-profit small local organization with freedom of political, and independent charity work in Cambodia, founded in 2007. This organization is recognized by the Cambodian Government. We now relying on donations from volunteers and individuals, contributions and some funding from the founder when he can get money from his business on real estate in Phnom Penh. He has some local volunteers, they decided to help him with teaching English to children. The reason he tries to help the children here is because they have a very poor situation and very little chance in life. Some of them have no homes to live, lacking food to eat, no education, no people to look after them and they have had to sleep on the street. Some of the children's parents died from HIV/Aids and also lacking in food to eat. Some parents were also violent and divorce, leaving the children no where to go.


Now he is supporting over 1000 orphans in this very poor community with food, clothing, education, shelters, health care, secure and a safe place to stay! And he has been working with 4 primary schools with over 4000 poor children.We are supporting them with school uniforms and school supplies and helping them to get a better education in the future.


Also, we support the poor families by growing vegetable gardens for them and training small business how to make an income to support their own family, we are working with 80 poor families in the community of Pry-Kabus and Pry-Phdao of Takeo province, Cambodia.


We are also digging wells for the community in preparation for dry season, we have provided 50 wells and still provide more to different village and communities around the area.


What we need is your help? You can help us by coming to volunteer with us here in Cambodia, or if you can not come here, you can help us with fundraising or make a small party for us at your home to collect money to support our projects here or you can send second hand books,computers, clothes and toys for our children.



When we can receive your donation we will send you back a receipt and a Certificate with a Appreciation letter to say thanks for your donations to support the poor children here.


We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


- gotta pay for own accommodation and food, no sex or alcohol etc., so probably short visit, but interesting progressing, non-profit school for middle income kids


Ananda Gaorii" <>

We're located in central Vientiane City near Wat Simeuang (maybe

Wat Simuang) which is a famous landmark (a temple), also near Wat Prakeo

and Wat Sisaket and not far from Talad Sao or the Morning Market.


One of the places I visited and quite nice. Stayed for an entire month with free food and accommodation. Started a team building project for local workers.




Must stay at least 2 months.


Steve Khong"

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in our resort.

You sound like a very interesting character which I love to meet !!

Working for few hours a day is not a problem for me, I hope those few

Hours would be good and beneficial hours for mutual learning and benefit.

We surely like to share some of your experiences in musical and computer

skills. So we look forward to see you some time in November. Regards,

Steve Khong


we operate a Rain Forest Island Resort which is 7 acres in size. our island is in the middle of a 15000 hectors man made hydro electric dam in the state of Perak, our island is part of the 150 million years old rain forest of Malaysia.

we have chalets on our island and also has 3 houseboats parking close to our island, kayak, sailing boats ( catamaran ) and power speed boats are some of our recreational facilities.

Our business is running an eco lodge providing meals and outdoor adventures activities to our guest.

we are embarking in several conservation projects with the intention to enhance the eco system in and around our island, we need volunteers with knowledge and experience in building fresh water marine reef around our island to create an environment for the native fish species to multiply. ( marine biologist ) is preferable.

we also need volunteers who is knowledgeable in organic agriculture, to carry out organic planting.

we need volunteers ( biologist )to assist in specific program like birds feeding, creating artificial nesting site for hornbill, improving our island land scape and expand our fleet of non motorise water sports like sailing and our foreign staff as nature guide.

The exact location of our island resort is Tasik Temengor Latitude 5,48109 Longitude 101,35849 on the google map.

The minimum duration for this volunteer programme is 2 months. please feel free to contact me if interested,

Thank you,

Steve Khong


Thank you very much for your interest to volunteer in my lodge,

You certainly sound like an very interesting character especially with your

Talent in musical instrument and computer skills ! also your exposure in

nature travelling in Europe.

Please tell me what you can contribute to our resort with your talents ??

I like to hear from you because I really don't know how to fit you in our

environment ?

There is not much construction works to be done, it would be interesting to

see how your

Talent can help us ? please go to our website " "

CH10 – same as HX7

Cambodia orphanage

Free accommodation

If you would like to come in Cambodia and visit my orphanage here, i am

welcomed you! Just tell us what you can help for our orphans here when you

come so i am easy to organize for you. I hope to hear from you soon.


Thank You

Samnang Thoeun


Our Friends Orphanage

Phone: +855 9794 80800

Location: Saiva Village, Cambodia



Stone-Teaching Director of Oral English College

Google maps: Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi, China

Schedule for volunteers:

*Organize English tea from 6PM to 8PM, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday(Prepare topics, gather students and have conversations with students)

*Attend English corner at 7PM, Wednesday (About 1.5 hours)

*Give a speech or a presentation weekly about your travel or any other topics you are interested in.(About 1.5 hours)


We provide:

*A well-furnished room (single or double)with hot water and A.C (You may have to share a room with another volunteer sometimes),but you need to pay the electricity fee yourself.

*Lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday.

*Free internet.

*You are also welcome to join School's outdoor activity and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Yangshuo (go Dutch).



Free accommodation but 22Euro a week for food. 4Euro to register. Minimum one week.


Free room and food, no fees required.

not 1st - 26th of October ' and 1st April – 12th of May cause school closed at that time.

3-4 hours teaching each day.

Gun Anu

Responded once that interested.



Described how to get there in an email.

I am in Pai district and the village name Baan tin tard.

sandoz sukkaew



Thankk you for your history of alot of experience and welcome to Tacomepai

farm if you want to join us help something,I have a "Rice harvest

festival" in 9-10-11 Dec and lot of work every day too.At Tacomepai we

have accommodation bungalow 100 Baht/night/person private bungalow and

toilet,food picking from the farm free or local market and we have another

project call new land that is free accommodation when you arrive can

choose the one you like.



Organic farm

wants 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, at least 10 days of work

Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm

Wants 6 hours a day of work.


Organic Status: Now in 9th year of organic farming


Eco Farm work that is currently available to Farm Helpers/Volunteers are in the following areas:


1) Organic Rice fields;

2) Landscaping maintenance around the farm;

3) Building mobile floating chalets;

4) Assistance at the event hub;

5) Water obstacles maintenance;

6) Greens around the farm parameter;

7) Bicycle maintenance;

8) Tent maintenance;

9) Bamboo rafts maintenance;

10) Duck pans;

11) Breeding and culturing fresh water fish.

12) Organic fruit farm;

13) Organic Vegetable greenhouses;

14) Composting.

15) Wild duck sanctuary



farm is flexible to your offer to pay some foods, etc.. Most importantly,

you must feel comfortable with our environment and people. You have

interesting living history and certainly more in time to come to this part

of world where we are situated in the tropical  rain forest fringe. I am

certain that you will find challeging to work out something in my farm

like chinese fishing net and water wheels.


We do not have internet at our farm. There is several internet cafe in the

small town 7 km away from the farm. Mobile internet signal is available at

the farm. Good to get a prepaid intrnet sim card as it is cheaper. BTW,

when is your schedule date coming to the farm.



5Euro a day for 3 meals, accommodation free.

Organic farm, Thailand

Volunteer page: - Have to work a full day??



Organic Status: Organic vegetable farm, chicken, fish, horse


Time for a change?

Why not spent some time as a volunteer in Thailand with us???


We are an organisation that has:

- a small guesthouse

- a restaurant

- an organic vegetable garden

- a shop where art of disabled children is sold

- outdoor activities

- indoor activities and workshops

- working holidays

- and a volunteer project named Eco&Kids concerning ecological farming


Our organisation is set up to support the Thai Child Development. It supports and helps under privileged children in the area of Phato, 50km northeast of the city of Ranong. Support with education, a Special School for disabled children, scholarships, medical care and social care.


We want to be self sustainable to feed all staff, students, visitors and guest in a healthy and honest way with products from our farm.


We can use the help of motivated volunteers for our work in the gardens, Saturday activities with local kids and so on. Please check our websites for more information!


And of course this is a great place to have a holiday, do a trek, go outdoors, learn Thai cooking and much more!



I can host people who come to study or culture exchange in my university or in bkk in exchange with cleaning and cooking some breakfast or dinner together.




Thanks for you message, I have read your profile from many links you put.

You are great person :-). I would like host you but I will travel to

Europe for two months beginning from 16th October until the end of the year.

I wilkl travel with help exchane and couchsurfing as well. Great to

know that you are a fellow from couchsurfing as well. here is my profile


If you can come earlier or later than that, it 's no problem. I would like

you to teach me advanced english or basic german with few hours a day.



I live in condominium on campus of mahidol university which is about 20 kms away from the heart of Bangkok. I live a lone in Condo with two bedrooms and one big living room (two bathrooms). I am easy-going and love talk with interesting people from various culture. I work as a molecular biologist in the university. I have a separate room for guest with airconditioner. I can host people who come to study or culture exchange in my university or in bkk in exchange with cleaning and cooking some breakfast or dinner together. I would like to be fluent in english. So if you are english native speaker would be great. Anyway I welcome everyone from around the world.


Work as many hours you want on organic farm (or teach English) but pay 5$ a day for good room and board. This money pays to hire a local for full day.

Has some internet (refer below).

J. Steven Bird",

Steve 087 8719975



We practice sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and aquaponics in Buriram province in northeast Thailand. We are outside the village of Ban Sai, eight kilometers north of the town of Prakhonchai.

We offer modern accommodation with a 12.5 meter natural swimming pool.

As part of our volunteer program we offer free sustainable agriculture education in the area that interests you most. The hours that you work and study are flexible and depend on what you want to do. You will have lots of time to meet and interact with the local people and learn about Thai culture.

We are active in helping our community to become a better and more viable place to live and you can help too.


I use a mobile CDMA modem from CAT (Communications Authority of

Thailand) because there are no phone lines to the farm. It's slow, about

130 kps when working well. We have two computers in the house so it would

be possible to hook up the one in my daughters room to the mobile modem so

you could work. There is an internet shop in our village about a five

minute bike ride away that has fairly high speed access for 15 baht per

hour. In Prakhonchai, eight kilometers away, there are numerous shops with

high speed access. The private school that I work at in Prakhonchai also

has high speed access.



Was very nice about providing a recommendation letter for a visa.

Work about five hours a day (think it covers your room and board).

Organic orchards and nature sanctuary which is part of a conservation and organic farming project. It is attached to a Resort and Spa and helpers are given board at the resort in return for five hours work a day.

Bronwen Evans

Hi karel, yes we have high speed internet, though only in a 50 metre

radius of office so not available in most rooms, only cafe. Though we may

extend w additional router in future. It is a resort so rooms locked but

cleaned by our staff. We have safes in working arrangement we cd

work something out.



Jobs for Volunteers


preparing beds for sowing seeds or planting (digging trench and putting in

compost) and sowing seeds

watering the garden

mulching fruit trees with compost or manure

making compost

grass cutting

clearing weeds and vines around trees

making EM bokashi (compost with effective micro-organisms)

making liquid compost with EM (collecting and cutting up weeds and herbs)


spraying trees and plants with liquid EM


making EM products (eg liquid compost, insect repellant)


You would work for about five hours a day and have one day off a week. In the tropics it is

recommended that you work in the early mornings and late afternoon.


We provide a room which is air conditioned with own bathroom, fridge and television and supply volunteers with food which you can cook yourself in our kitchen. Our staff will help with cooking advice and take you to local markets to buy food. We provide gloves and hats and tools for working but ask you to take proper care of them, wash gloves when finished and return tools to their original place. There is drinking water at the resort – you should fill your own water bottles each day.



Free room and board in exchange for some cleaning, babysitting, teaching English to kids. Seems low key and relaxed.

Vivian Zhang



wellcome a new friend of lady which from Sweden. We offer room and food.We will show you our city and various snacks.

My family have 4 member,my husband,my baby of 6 months old and father-in-law.You can help us to clear the house and help me to take care my baby some time.You also can open a class to theach children English in my house if you want.



Free room and breakfast (50baht each for lunch and dinner, otherwise can buy your own shit and cook there, although the island is generally more expensive than elsewhere. simple accommodation, 4 hours work a day.

Anke 0851469207



> You can feel free for calling us at +66 8 51469207!

> Before you come let us tell you somethings about our place.

> We have a simple place for you to sleep, and every morning a free

> breakfast, unless you need special food.

> For lunch and dinner we mostly look day by day who wants to join in to

> eat together. We take turns in cooking or cook together and and share

> stuff. Any other contributions are very appreciated. We mostly only work

> half days (4 hours) and have one day a week off. The beach is close by,

> there are lots of things to do and see around! Hope you feel happy to

> come and join us! You can travel to Ko Lanta by mini van either from

> Trang or Krabi, the vans drop you off anywhere on the island but because

> we are not a hotel and more inland it is hard to tell them how to get to

> us. Therefor you can tell the driver to drop you off at 7-eleven

> supermarket at Klong Nin Beach. Once you're there you can call me and I

> will come and pick you up. Hope you have a good trip! Please email me

> again what day you'll arrive, thank you! Greetings Anke and Aoi


P.S. We would like you to share the electric cost for 50 THB per

person per week!


We are Anke (Netherlands) and Aoi (Thailand) and we just bought our land on the island Ko Lanta in the south of Thailand, about a year ago. We are just about to start up as a (do-nothing/natural) farm. So far we took care of clean water supply, electricity, build the first adobe house and compost toilet and started collecting and planting local fruit trees, herbs and veggies.

As in this stage we have not much to offer but a simple place to sleep, sharing our kitchen and bikes to get around. The island is half touristy and half local, there's lots to do and beautiful nature around.

It could be a challenge for you to help us start this project, we seek to teach and learn together, grow our own foods and build earthen housing. We are full of plans and ideas and could use your help and input.



Pretty remote, but we do have either internet and mobile coverage with exception during heavy downpour. We have wifi with data limit at 3,5 GB.

2.5$/day + six hours of work (maybe should confirm this craziness)

Vladislav Kuta" <>



Permaculture farm and homestay, located at the former tea plantation, deep in jungle, 500m above the sea level. Involved in chicken, duck, turkey, rabbit, goat, sheep and fresh water aquaculture & veggie, herbs, fruit and timber trees. Striking for 100% sustainability.


It involves 6 hour a day of various farming activities. Ideal is a previous experience (doesn't have to be permaculture, any farming helps).

Minimum stay is one week.

Being a morning person is an advantage.

Please, be ready to be surrounded by forest and by people staying here. No civilization. We live as a intentional community, be ready to fit in.


Not suitable for a vegans, suitable for vegetarians, we are vegetarians 6,5 day in a week.


There is lot to learn around farm and never gets

boring. We are able to advice on additional activities (cave exploration,

Lenggong Archeological Museum (Perak Man) etc) and extra arrangements can

be agreed  aside. But mainly our place is ideal for relaxation, getting

away from the city  and enjoying pure nature. Also one of the highlights

are delicious dishes  prepared mostly from our organic vegetables, fusion

of local flavours and of other  cultures.



i will host u Friday,saturday, n sunday (10/28,29,30/11 or 11/3,4,5/11) my

village 4 hours from toraja dude so feel free to contact me i will show u

part of my village :-)





Some eco-tourist farm which wants 7$/day (check email), don't have to do any work, but apparently lots of interesting stuff to learn.

Sitamai Eco Farm <>



Yes, you can say something like a eco-tourist farm. It will be quite

okay for us that you will work 1-2 hours per day. Even if you don't

work, we don't mind. That's why we charge the price.


Our first priority is to offer you immense opportunity to learn the

rural Nepalese way of living, culture, language, experience some very

basic ecological farming practices.


You can do whatever is quite convenient for you during your stay with us.

We are very flexible.



Said I can work as many hours as I like but not specific beyond that.

Mobile but no electricity, but says will soon.




Our farm is a beautiful riverside space located approx 8 km from the sleepy mountain oasis of Pai, in Northern Thailand. We now have over 6000 coffee trees, indigenous fruits, herbs and vegetables. We practice sustainable Permaculture design and traditional hilltribe farming methods.


We currently need self motivated, independent & resourceful people to tend the land and coffee trees with watering, mulching etc, whilst enjoying this beautiful peaceful space.


We encourage long term stays and are also looking for a permanent / semi-permanent caretaker.


Free accommodation is available on the land in rustic bamboo home where you will find bedding, blankets & mosquito nets along with a functional kitchen area.


Visitors are required to provide their own transportation (motorbikes can be rented in Pai for aprx 100baht per day) and food, however some fruit & vegetables can be harvested on the land depending on the season. There is a daily open air market in Pai selling fresh local produce.

we will be building a earthship at the end of the monsoon.this year maybe starting oct. Come join us

Please contact Willow by email or telephone for more information.




Free accommodation only, 2 hours a night, 4-6 times a week



Our school is located in Yangshuo, Guangxi province, which is one of the

most beautiful towns in China. The nearest big city is Guilin, about 70km

from Yangshuo. From here it’s easy to reach the countryside where there

is a lot of beautiful landscapes and a lot of out doors activities. You

can easily find information online.


In exchange of few hours of voluntary works, we can provide you a free

room in downtown Yangshuo. All you have to do is to participate at what we

call the English Corner. In that activity you are sitting with a few

students, which are all adults, and you have a discussion with them about

any topics that you are interested in, so the students can practice their

English. The English Corners are from 6:30 to 8:30 pm; it could be 4, 5 or

6 times a week. Also, we ask you to do a speech weekly about any topic you

know. It is a friendly and interactive speech where students are very

interested to learn new things and ask you questions. If you are

interested to be more involved as a volunteer, we can help you to find

something to do.


You will stay in a building with other volunteers from different countries

and our staff. It’s like a Youth Hostel and most of the rooms have

twin-bed. Each room has its own bathroom. There is a washing machine that

you can use and a commune room with TV and DVD player. However, 100 RMB

deposit is required in case any damage to or lose of school’s property.

We all speak English and it’s possible to arrange free Chinese lessons.

If you are interested, more details will be offered.


You can come anytime but let us know a few days before so we can prepare a

room for you. You can stay as long as you wish if both of us are happy. If

you: 1.      Kind and patient, willing to help people; 2.     Honest, and

don’t have any crime record; 3.     Speak English well; 4.   

Enthusiastic, warm-hearted; 5.      Better have some voluntary

experiences. You are welcome to come anytime you like, but tell us your

arrival date in advance so we can arrange the accommodation.


How to get our place from Guilin?


You can take a bus to Yangzhou from Guilin Train station or Guilin Bus

station . It takes around one and half hour by bus. You can get off the

bus at Yangshuo Bus station, sometimes, driver or someone else may ask you

get off the bus around Yangshuo gas station where some people will try to

recommend some hotels to you, make sure you get off the bus at Yangshuo

Bus station, the final one if you take the bus which are only from Guilin

to yangshuo.


Yangshuo Park is on the opposite of Yangshuo Bus station, go through the

Park and get out the back gate then go along the road on the right, around

100 meters away, there is a little bridge which is in the front of school.

it takes around 7 mins from Bus station to our school on foot.



Yes to mobile signal but perhaps no electricity, although they said they were willing to buy solar panels with my consultation help. Uncertain.

Sabah Orchard



The internet provider that has the best coverage is CELCOM and a signal

buster would be a good thing. 

said something about eating lots of meat and can only buy veggies once a week in the village. I said no probs.


Free camping and prepared meals in exchange for your help to clear/clean, set-up an orchard and organic garden on an old abandoned beach side coconut plantation. See before and after pictures.



- No special skills required

- It's hard work

- Minimum stay 6 days - please respect this as we need to organize the food supply without refrigeration - Early departures will be asked to compensate for lost food.

- No electricity available

- 5 to 7 hours daily work starting at 6am

- BRING MOSQUITO REPELLENT not available locally



- You are allergic to animals and/or nuts.

- You are VEGETARIAN/VEGEN. We share our meals.

- You are not a morning person.

- You cannot do physical hard work.not

- You cannot deal with bugs and outdoor living

- BRING MOSQUITO REPELLENT not available locally, many did not believe us don't be one of them.

- You cannot respect the minimum stay period.



120km South of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Had a good time volunteering here for ~10 days. The work was hard and hot but made up for with the tasty food (had shark steaks a few nights!) and two beaches that border the property. Not having electricity was actually pretty refreshing. Tent can get a little warm so take a cool shower before bed :) Nice place to stay if you're up for 4-7 hours of hard work.



Very good references.

Ask you for a minimum of 3 hours a day.... than you get free accomodation and one meal.... if you work 6 hours, you get 2 meals and 8 hours 3 meals....

Accommodation and food paid for, restaurant, lots of different types of work. Could be good long term!

Nathalie Pouliot







Hello, at the moment we are fixing up a swimming pool.... So anybody that is manual is very welcomed.


If you cannot help on that matter, we are always looking for part time help from time to time from travelers, for different projects, we can provide food and lodging. We always have new projects (marketing, website, restaurant helps, training staff, kitchen help, construction help, etc...) We have a small restaurant on the other side of the Nam Khan River in Luang Prabang and we just took over a public pool.....


If you are just holidaying in Luang Prabang, drop in and visit us anyway, you never know there might be something you can get involved with for a few days. Just drop at the restaurant.. and ask for me, Nathalie and if you tell me you are a HelpX member I will give you a 10% discount off any food or drink you have here.


Thailand – sounds like it could be interesting.

Would "appreciate" a 5$ contribution every day.

2 hours work a day plus help make and clean up after breakfast and lunch.

Unfortunately we do not have internet at the moment. Maybe later but there is an internet place about 5mins walk from our place and it's just 30baht per hour. Many places at the beach also have free wi-fi.

Leanne Rayasat



I'm originally from England, my husband is Thai and we have two children who are 7 and 3 years old.


Our home is in Thailand on the island of Koh Lanta, Krabi province where we have planted about 500 rubber trees last year. We prefer to stay as organic as possible so all of the weeds are controlled without using a herbicide. We are currently using non organic fertiliser but hope that with the help or our cows and some extra knowledge we can change that.


There are also a couple of other plots of land that need to be put to use. One is still completely wild but in the area around our house we've started an organic vegetable garden so I also need help with weeding mulching, planting, composing etc...


The plan is to learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Well, I need to learn. Lek has a lot of sustainable living experience as he grew up locally when everyone needed to grow their own food.


This in an ongoing project so if you have time to help please contact us.


Hello, Thanks for your enquiry. We are happy for you to come and help and

we'd love to meet you. Although we're already full for the end of

November. You could call me on 0870 506086 when you reach Thailand.


A typical day would bereakfast, clean up, 2 hours work, prepare and eat

lunch, clean up then you're free to do what ever you like.


Accommodation would be in one of our guest rooms. We provide a bed with a

sprung mattress, sheets, pillow, blanket and mosquito net also a fan and

shelves to keep your belongings on. I'm sure you'd be able to make

yourself feel at home.


Although I'm English we eat a typical Thai diet which consists of mostly

rice stir fries and curry. Ingredients are always fresh, rarely processed

or frozen. As part of the exchange 3meals per day are included.


A donation of 200baht per day would be appreciated to help cover some of

the costs.


The closest beach can be reached in about 15mins if walking.

Please ask if you need more information, hoping to hear from you.



Good references. Seem have a good flexible plan concerning work/payment.





We are Neng (Thai), Nikki (English) and Layla (our 6 month old baby). We have a hostel and little bar called Chill Out House in Long Beach area on Koh Lanta, Southern Thailand.


We are about to create a bamboo and fruit farm and little backpacker hostel and are looking for carpenter's assistants and gardeners to help us in exchange for free accommodation.


We are mainly looking for people to help Neng with the carpentry work at the moment as we are about to build some bedrooms. The kind of work we need help with is sanding, varnishing, painting and construction but we also need a bit of help with some other tasks, such as:


- electrical work in the bedrooms (installing lights and power sockets)

- watering plants

- weeding

- spraying fertiliser (organic)

- tilling the earth

- planting fruit and veg


It is now the low season on Lanta (from May until November) so there aren't many tourists and a lot of places are closed down. It is still a nice time of year to visit but it is very quiet.


Volunteer A

2 hours work a day in exchange for accommodation, drinking water, tea/coffee and free wifi, plus you can use our washing machine, kitchen and BBQ place. (Farmer's market near us every Monday and Saturday - cheap seafood for BBQ).


Volunteer B

9.00-12.00 a.m. then 2.00-5.00 p.m.

- same as above plus breakfast, lunch and dinner.


You can google our existing place... Lanta Chill Out House and we have a Facebook page for the new place -


Thank you.


Neng & Nikki


P.S. Thank you for all volunteers who have been helped us. please check our farm's update at ..



Seems some sort of rehabilitation centre but could be interesting to check out. Hours work seem flexible, but expect me to pay 2.5-3 Euro a day.

New Life Foundation

+ 66 (0) 87 119 84 91

julien gryp <>



We're excited that you're considering volunteering at New Life. At New

Life we're always looking for volunteers to help us out on the organic

farm, but also with other activities as marketing, organizing activities,

art and drama workshops, yoga and meditation... We are always looking for

help for many of our ongoing projects.  One of our goals is to become self

sustaining and we have 60 acres of land that we want to cultivate and

create revenue streams to support the foundation.  We currently grow rice

and vegetables and have a lake full of fish.  We also have goats,

chickens, pigs and buffalos. We would love to have help with our

agriculture projects and our staff and residents are always ready to

learn. We provide many classes to our residents to help them learn how to

improve their lives and live a balanced lifestyle.  We would love to have

people help teach English, art, cooking, exercise, health, culture,

computer, communication and numerous other classes.  Our community has

many needs and interests. We encourage you to contact us with any ideas

you have to help or improve our resident’s lives.


Volunteers have the opportunity to join our workshops on yoga and

meditation, join the residents on their weekly excursions and participate

in the sports program. New Life Foundation has a beautiful clean facility

located in the mountains in Chang Rai. We provide individual rooms with

private bathrooms and three meals a day.  We also have a pool and steam

bath available for everyone’s enjoyment. We expect volunteers to honor the

rules of the community.  Alcohol, drugs, sexual activity, stealing, verbal

and physical violence are prohibited.  The foundation values mindfulness,

truthfulness, responsibility and respect.  We are happy to provide

certified letters of appreciation and references for volunteers who work

at the foundation.


We used to be able to let volunteers stay for free, but our main goal is

to be able to offer our recovery program free to all Thai residents. In

order for us to be able to continue providing our services we kindly ask

you to pay for the costs of electricity and food. A suggested minimum

donation would be 100 THB ($3 or 2.50 euro) a day.



Luigi Giani



We are a small Italian NGO running a

Vocational Training Facility for disadvantaged young Cambodians in Siem

Reap. We always welcome the help from volunteers and I am confident we

could be of good help to our project. We are very flexible with regards to

working hours.


Thailand - good references

georg Poeder  tl. 089-5021 670


A lot more info in his email.


The purpose of the foundation is to recreate and inspire people to help human development physically, mentally & spiritually. Furthermore it aims to increase ones knowledge & understanding of nature & environmental development and also to do selfless service to society and to cooperate with other organization as well, who are doing the same. It is a non-political, non-religious and non profit NGO.

The foundation has different projects in Thailand. The project Home for All near Rayong is the newest one. It is located approx. 220 km southeast of Bangkok. At the present the main activities are concern the development of the land:

Planting fruit trees like banana, papaya etc.

Planting different kind of vegetables

Harvesting & processing of medicinal herbs

Use & multiply of Garbage enzymes (kind of fertilizer)

Furthermore there are English classes in the nearby village.

In the free time many interesting places nearby can be visited. Furthermore the sea is about 7 km away.

Vegetarian meals and accomodation will be provided.

Notice kindly that in the building it is not possible to drink alcohol, to smoke and to eat any kind of meat or fish products.




- look up "eco tours Asia" etc. to get into real cool natural shit.

- before arriving, ask about safety and storage of all my electronics.

- try workaway as well


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