Road trip movie to Mexico from Canada

I completed a massive translation project and finally had enough cash to take my longstanding dream of traveling around the world to the next level: a pilot test trip from Canada to Mexico. First to get a new driver's licence in Calgary and Edmonton, from where I take a train across the beautiful Rocky Mountains to Vancouver, where I celebrate a proper Czech Christmas with my mother and spend New Years Eve in the reknowned ski resort of Whistler.

Bought a GM van in Seattle, set up internet through a painfully slow and expensive satellite phone (no mobile signal across much of the route I planned to drive) and tested out the concept of continuing my work while traveling.

Four hours of driving footage edited down to 1.5 hours (the last hour is mostly driving and the first half an hour an introduction), but I lost all original files and was forced to copy back to the computer from a crappy CD burn, hence it is somewhat annoyingly choppy, but still a fun watch.

You may also download the flick from these five files 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, which you can tape back together with the free software Total Commander (I assume Youtube might start cutting out some audio due to all the cool roadtrip music blaring in the background). Next movie will be through Asia, tentative plans here.

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Mexico road trip movie