the-traveling-gypsy playing-the-violin

       Seven years ago I took my internet-based job (translation) to the road, now still barefoot with viola in hand and ready to launch a two-year motorbike tour of Asia. After that the rest of the world. I have been writing about my world travels at, one for which I ran a pilot test from Canada to Mexico, then 5 years in home-made caravan throughout parts of Europe, mostly between Prague and Cyprus. south-east-asia-motorbike-tourFor my Asia trip I'd like to strap a video camera to my head while driving, or hide it in hand duffle bag while walking through local markets. My plan is to embark from this beautiful island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, where I have been stationed for the past year and a half, drive the scenic mountain routes to the north, through Laos south to Cambodia, then up to spend a winter in North Vietnam, before heading on through China, Tibet, Nepal through northern India, Myanmar, south through Thailand and then on to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines before I continue on to the rest of the world.

I started thinking this was all possible fairly soon after I discovered the internet. Shortly before that I had already begun setting up modems and teaching my customers how we could exchange data files through telephone line. So much time wasted delivering paper copies with floppy disk. Four years later I landed a big enough job to finance a pilot test, Seattle to Mexico in GM van (for which I made a movie), mobile through satellite phone for a whopping $1.35/min and a ridiculously slow transfer rate. south-east-asia-motorbike-tour-2 Three years later another project allowed me to move into my home-made caravan, solar panels on roof, disguised in nature and to evade police alert in cities, a self-sufficient 3.5 tonne monster which allowed me to travel cheaply anywhere.

Got tired of cold Europe and am now one and a half years in Asia, mostly on the beautiful, paradise island of Koh Phangan , living a long-held dream of staying in such perfect, year-round weather for two years before moving on.

And already my feet are itching for the road. I totally love driving and want to see the entire world. Strap a GoPro video camera to my head and update online snippets each day. The more income I could derive from this activity the more time it will allow me to engage with locals. Perhaps as a volunteer for various charities, including my own. There are many useful opportunities for engagement, which can only make the story more interesting and meaningful.

Let me know if you'd like to promote your products during this fantastic voyage!


My glorious, converted caravan which I would love to let rip
off-road, here after a wonderful day trip in south-west Turkey.