Bitcoin and Blockchain explained

When I first learned about Bitcoin I was living in Thailand, around 2013. I spent two hours reading about it and became instantly excited because it seemed a way to escape the tyranny of the executive class, with its corrupt politicians and an overall rigged system against little Joe. I spent another two hours trying … Read more

Finally Getting Married

On the long Easter Weekend of Saturday, April 20, 2019, I Karel Kosman¬†will be marrying the ever lovely Melasel Gerdane Espinosa at Padi Beach Resort in Oton, Iloilo City. Just go to Oton along the main road (yellow one in map above), past the Gaisano Oton (shopping mall), take the dirt road across the 7/11 … Read more

The early years of my life

Visited mom in Vancouver and she made me go through my big precious box from childhood that she has been lugging around so many years while moving from place to place in Vancouver and paying for the storage. Most of it was photographs, but I did manage to greatly reduce the box of sentimental paraphernalia … Read more