The War on Drugs is a War on the People

Typical Divide and Conquer Strategy Perhaps some food for thought. This is a culmination of many articles in different perspectives that I have read over the years, wandering thoughts, and now this article has crystalised things in my mind: …

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Rainforest Discovery Centre Near Sandakan, Borneo, Malaysia

I stayed at a budget hostel hotel in Sandakan, Borneo for a month, making their webpage and online marketing in exchange for free accommodation. The owner there turned out to be rather dishonest, feeding me pipe dreams of a 60% …

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Landing in El Nido, Philippines

    Finished exploring Malaysia and Indonesia for a while, too hard to find beers and too expensive, so decided will try Christian Asia for a while, head to the Philippines. Was an American colony, everyone speaks good English, beer …

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From Koh Phangan to Bali

Rather long awaited perhaps, but lots has been happening and wanted to complete it as a package (pictures, videos, storyline). For at least a decade or two I had an increasingly burning ambition to land on some paradise beach, with …

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Most beautiful beaches in the world

Found this website and had to log somewhere, to add to my bucket list!

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